Crème De La Crème w/ Frank & Tony (Scissor & Thread || NYC)

The fourth installment of Crème De La Crème brings Frank & Tony for their first appearance together in Dallas. Francis Harris is no stranger to Dallas, and this will be Anthony Collins second appearance.

Be prepared to go on a musical journey at The Express with an extended set from the duo. Setting the tone we have Bon Spengler and Random Addition… starting up the night.

Please RSVP to with your name and any other friends that are coming with you, to receive additional information the day of the show.


Artist Info
Frank & Tony ( Scissor and Thread || NYC)

Frank & Tony are a love affair in House music. Individually, Francis Harris and Anthony Collins— the guys behind moody indie-house label Scissor & Thread—already have an impressive body of work behind them. As a team, they seem to enhance each other’s strengths.

They have been collaborating over the last few years to produce unique, considered electronic music.Together the pair have released Five well received EPs of pitched down melodic house tunes in the “Frank & Tony presents… ” series which have featured the vocal talents of S&T staples black light smoke, Gry, Corbu, newcomer Julia and current sensation Bob Moses.

In New York, their Hometown, they are the residents at Output where they play once a month all night for near to 10 hours. By no means your average dance imprint, Scissor & Thread is a platform for ambitious sounds, mixing up slow house with the indie world. With releases from newly discovered composers, producers, vocalists and instrumentalists on the horizon….

Bon Spengler (Proton Radio / Proton LTD)

This Texas native grew up listening to Acid Rock, Funk, Soul, Disco, Electronica, and Hip-Hop records. She refined her sound in the electronic scene by frequenting underground clubs and raves in the United States, U.K. and Europe.

For the past 8 1/2 years she’s been the host of Proton Radio’s weekly underground streaming radio show dubbed “Bedroom Bedlam and currently for the past 5 years she’s been an A&R representative for Proton Radio and Proton SoundSystem digital music labels. Ultimately giving her the exposure and experience needed to shape her unique mixing style and sound-print of her own, allowing her freedom to play a variety music styles under the monikers Hello Humanoids, Bon, Bon Spengler, or BONS.

Depending on the time, night, or venue you will hear deep versions of Techno, House, or Disco when djing the occasional festival, underground warehouse parties, after-hour and club gigs, podcasts and streaming net radio.

Random Addition…

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Motif night – w/ Myles Francis / Chaser / Dave Paradice / Kleptik

Here we are eagerly waiting to share our Motif experience with all of you on Saturday, April 18th. Come out in a costume or bring your gadgets, doesn’t matter, the experience will be marvelous since we have DJs that will make you leave your chairs behind. This night’s sets are by:

Myles Francis [ Diamond Deep ]

Chaser [ Love Rich ]

Dave Paradice [ Motif ]

Kleptik [ Motif ]


Music starts at 8pm

RA ///

Motif Dallas Showcase at Beauty Bar

Tuesday March 24th /// Beauty Bar Dallas Texas //// 9pm

Line-up /

Christian Zanni , Donny Young , Omar Mustafa, Kleptik , Luis Reyes , Daniel Zapata

motif showcase flyer beauty bar dallas

Spring is here which means the atmosphere is full of new energy and a new phase is starting. So we gladly announce our first Motif showcase at Beauty Bar and we are welcoming the newest member to the Motif family: Omar Mustafa.
Come and join the celebration and back-to-back sets by:

Omar Mustafa [Motif]


Christian Zanni [Motif]


Kleptik [ Motif ]


Donny Young [Motif]


Luis & Daniel [Motif]



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Motif night w/ – Shelby Boszor / Kean / Scott PhrenetiK / Kleptik

Open up your mind and bring on the good vibes to yet another Motif Night at Scotch & Sausage. We feature a Glenfiddich tasting and sets by:

Shelby L. Boszor [ Nothing but techno ]

Kean Hiri [ 8dots ]

Scott “Phrenetik” [ Keep It Klean (KIK) ]

Kleptik [ Motif Dallas ]

FB Event page

Music starts at 8pm ///
Glenfiddich tasting with David Allardice starts at 9 pm ///
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Christian Zanni 2014 Selection – Motif

Christian Zanni  2014 Selection for  Motif ///

Buenos Aires native and current resident of Dallas, TX, Christian brings a flavor of Deep House music suffused with Tech House and Techno grooves. Much of his style these days has been incited by recent trips to the Balearic islands. Here are a few songs that sum up 2014!

Links ::
Tracklist ::
01 :: Intro Twingo (Original Mix) :: Sound Stealers
02 :: Grand Central, Part I (Deep Into The Bowel Of House) (MCDE Bassline Dub) :: DJ Sprinkles
03 :: Rolling (Pazkal Remix) :: Joss, D.Lamar
04 :: Rolling Stoned (Original Mix) :: Detlef
05 :: Need Your Lovin (Joss Remix) :: Ugur Project
06 :: Gotta Get (Original Mix) :: DJ Pierre, Doorly
07 :: Do You Mind (Original Mix) :: Christian Nielsen
08 :: Rattler (Original Mix) :: Dale Howard
09 :: Ibiza (Original Mix) :: wAFF
10 :: Reevolution (Metodi Hristov Remix) :: Joss, D.Lamar
11 :: All the Lights (Original Mix) :: Emanuel Satie
12 :: Solitary Confinement (Original Mix) :: Scuba
13 :: Mood Swings (Joss Remix) :: Robot Needs Oil
Beatport Tracklist ::

Crème de la Crème with Dance Spirit at That That Gallery

Dance Spirit banner martes55 10633999_1507198396227026_4021671846999862309_o

Motif Dallas and Proton Limited is thrilled to join forces and host Dance Spirit LIVE for a post Thanksgiving bash on November 29th @ That That gallery

Originally from Los Angeles the two long time friends have been picked up by FLYING CIRCUS (official) only to find themselves touring Europe and hanging out in Ibiza this last spring / summer… We are proud and super excited to bring you their unique LIVE sound to #DeepEllum

Dance Spirit is a philosophy based on attaining subconscious harmony through rhythm, timbre, melody, and movement. Featured on Supernature , Maison D’Etre , Superfreq and others.

RSVP [ if you can’t see the event , ask a friend to invite you or send me a pm ]

Supported by
Bon Spengler
:: Proton Radio ::

Donny Young
:: Motif Dallas ::

Random Addition…
:: Creme de la creme ::

:: Proton Ltd ::

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Donny Young – Reachin Out (DC9 Mixtape)

This is a set I recently recorded for the DC9 Mixtape inside the Dallas Observer. I sat down and did an interview with Wanz Dover here:…

Set list ///

1. Anthony Middleton – Controllin Things (Dance Spirit Nocturnal Behavior Remix)
2. Adriatique – Ion
3. Culoe de Song – Gyser
4. Adriatique – Rollox
5. Loco-Volver – There Is No Light (16 Bit Lolitas Remix)
6. Daniel Maher – A Call From Within (Martin Buttrich Remix)
7. Daino – Without Your Love
8. DJ PP, Jack Mood – Optical Swing
9. Culoe de Song – Y.O.U.D.
10. Solomun – Curesto
11. Amadar – Don’t You Know (Teenage Mutants Remix)